Chatte Chatte Dans La Nuit at Cutler and Gross

September 2018 – Luxury British eyewear brand Cutler and Gross is proud to feature, once again, Julie Jenkinson, with a presentation of “Chatte Chatte Dans La Nuit” in the Toronto store, as part of Cutler and Gross Visionaires.

The Visionaires series encompasses a range of collaborations between Cutler and Gross and artistic and creative talents, whether new, emerging or famous, who have the personality, creative vision and intelligent style to help us all see the world differently.

About “Chatte Chatte Dans La Nuit”

“When finding salvaged objects there is rarely a specific intention for their end use. There’s a feeling, a pull, an inherent pulse and intuition for their “Continued Existence”* within a new abstract construction.”

Jenkinson has taken salvaged steel springs from a 1960’s love seat, and transformed them into an abstract sculpture containing twenty-seven hand-painted feline eyes on light bulbs.

Not only do the springs happen to be a perfect framework for Jenkinson’s obsession with multiples and repetition, but the sleek vertical lens of the nocturnal feline predator provides a competitive edge at night-time, which happens to be an ideal pairing for Cutler and Gross’s front display project overlapping with Toronto’s Nuit Blanche.

This installation will be up till the end of November 2018.

To view “Chatte Chatte Dans La Nuit” complemented by Cutler and Gross eyewear, visit Cutler and Gross, 758 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, M6J 1E9


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